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Local 3 Apprentice Bricklayers installed more than 8,000 bricks in Edward Everett Square, including over 300 inscribed bricks


Bricklayers Local 3


“We build Cathedrals.”

Tommy McIntyre, Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Union Local 3

“God is in the details.”

Training Apprentice, Bricklayers and Allied Craftsman Union Local 3, Summer 2008


Renovation Bricklayers Landscape Project Benefactor Slide Show:


The Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Union Local 3 Apprentice Training Center donated hundreds of hours of labor to provide all brickwork in the intersection.  The Bricklayers Training Center is located within the community on nearby Mt. Vernon Street. The brickwork detailing the Square adds critical texture, value and appeal to the streetscape.

Neighbors, community members, local organizations, unions and businesses have inscribed more than 300 of these bricks with words of family history, personal memory or a message to the future.  By inscribing bricks residents are given the opportunity to celebrate and affirm Dorchester stories and a sense of place.  By viewing bricks over time, neighbors can experience the rich multiplicity of family lore and Dorchester memories.

Funds raised from the brick inscription sales purchased all 8,000 bricks for the construction project. The Bricklayers have continued to donate their skills to install inscribed bricks purchased by the community in support of ongoing projects.