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Two-foot sculpture of Clapp Pear in oil clay, 2005

Baring-Gould worked with Lauren Holmgren and Kest Swartzman, 2 students from Massachusetts College of Art, to review the 24 specimen samples of the Clapp Pear and enlarge a particularly pleasing pear to create the basic form for a 2 ’clay model for the sculpture. Of primary interest was the creation of a form that was full but not symmetrical, which captured the knobby neck or base of the original pear’s stem. Throughout the process of making the sculpture, special attention was required to not exceed the final budget surface area of 124 square feet. To ensure accuracy Laura, Lauren and Kest covered the clay form in tape, then removed and measured the tape to determine the total surface area.

Image courtesy of Laura Baring-Gould Studios