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Vermont State biologist Shawn King and Massachusetts Marine biologist William Hoffman with Alewife and Codfish

In designing the ten smaller artworks, Baring-Gould also wanted to honor elements of the natural world. Research into early fishing records and seventeenth century journals of English Colonists detail the great vitality of natural resources in New England and Massachusetts Bay where Alewife fish would have migrated and spawned into ponds such as the one that was near Edward Everett Square (intersection of Pond Street and Columbia Road). Although fishing sustained many as a significant New England industry for over 350 years, the abundance of fish and marine life has significantly declined. Baring-Gould selected 2 quotes to juxtapose these experiences: “And when we were hungry fish was a good help to me.” (Colonist memoir, 1630) and “The alewife ceased to run and the harbor fish disappeared.” (Fishing records, 1740

For history on this see A Brief History of the Groundfishing Industry in New England.

Image courtesy of Laura Baring-Gould Studios