It Matters Revitalization Community Engagement The Artwork
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Final Artwork of Community Cake with Homicide Peace Buttons and Community Thank You notes. Isuara Mendez, founder of the Bobby Mendez Peace March, stands beside the artwork.

The cake, replicated in bronze with a single fork, was surrounded by elements of courage, hope and persistence representing local community groups. One side featured Peace Buttons made by the Lewis Brown Peace Institute to honor community members killed violently in the neighborhood. Opposite, hand written notes and personal testimonies from students at the Little House Alternative School honored those who have made a difference in their lives. The artwork is surrounded by the following quotes: “Committed to peace as we remember their lives.” (Survivors, Lewis D. Brown Peace Institute & Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy 2007) and “People working one day at a time for 150 years.” (Student, Little House, 2006).

Images courtesy of Laura Baring-Gould Studios and Jean Mineo