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Dorchester Veterans and bronze artwork of inscribed Dog Tags honoring Dorchester Soldiers

This artwork honors the men and women of Dorchester who have served their country, and the many who returned to help their community after their military service. The artwork features dog tags with names of over 150 Dorchester citizens involved in war and conflict, including the following: Prince Darby, an African American who served in the Revolutionary War; Marine Sargent William J. Lynch of Victory Road, the last POW/MIA unaccounted for from the infamous WWII Japanese prison camp in Mukden, China; and Specialist Ciara Durkin, whose non-combat death in Afghanistan remains unsolved. Two quotes collected by Laura Baring-Gould circle the base of the dog tags: the first from a journal housed at the University of Massachusetts Boston Archives, and the second offered by Ivana Londono, the mother of soldier Daniel Londono who grew up in Edward Everett Square and was killed in Iraq in 2005.

“I don’t know as we shall ever go home again.”
Soldier (Civil War), 1863

“For the freedom of others his life was cut short.”
Mother of Soldier (Iraq War), 2005

Images courtesy of Jean Mineo and Laura Baring-Gould