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Cast bronze piece of sheet cake, thank you notes and peace buttons

This bronze artwork celebrates the 100th anniversary of Little House, an organization originally founded to serve immigrants and the poor, and now a community-based organization which educates and serves neighborhood youth and families. Notes which surround the celebratory cake were written by Little House students and staff, while the artwork features the following quote, also written by a Little House Student, to describe the School’s centennial legacy:

“People working one day at a time for over 100 years.”
(Student, Little House, 2006)

The second quote honors the important work of the activists, many of whom are family members of loved ones killed in urban violence, who march and organize for peace in their community and neighborhoods:

“Committed to peace as we honor and remember their lives.”
(Survivors, Lewis D. Brown Peace Institute & Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy 2007)

Within their work, each organization holds Peace Marches that weave through Dorchester, with family members wearing peace buttons that memorialize homicide victims. Birthday cake is often served at these events to remember those who have been lost to violence.

Image courtesy of Laura Baring-Gould