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Artwork honoring those who play because they love the game

Different than the celebrity status that currently dominates Boston’s passion for baseball, Dorchester citizens have been playing ball in community streets, schoolyards, factory grounds, empty lots and parks for hundreds of years. Negro League teams, including players such as the great Cannonball Jackman, once played in Dorchester, and many legendary games have taken place at Town Field and Columbus Park. From the Park League, to the parish-based CYO teams, to the All–Dorchester sports leagues of today, to kids playing pick up games at the Blakie with improvised balls and equipment, baseball was played not for money, but for the love of the game. To celebrate this community spirit and aspiration, Baring-Gould’s artwork features 2 quotes that surround a worn baseball glove that cradles a handmade string ball: “As kids we played ball at the Blakie with anything we could find" (Resident, 2007) and “LOUSIVILLE KY., MAY 20 - The Boston team won their game but were dead broke and had to walk home.” (Boston Globe, 1887)

Image courtesy of Laura Baring-Gould