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Dorchester Voices/Dorchester History artwork #10: 1960’s rotary dial phone on lace

Dorchester was, and remains, a community forged by relationships and connections. To capitalize and express this, Baring-Gould created an artwork with a bronze casting of a rotary phone encircled by three quotes, each of which was collected through interviews conducted by Laura Baring-Gould and UMmass Boston interns who asked community members to about remember times when they called out for moments of support from their family and neighbors. Poignantly, the first quote “I need a safe place tonight.” (Neighbor, 1972) describes a neighbor’s plea for assistance in a situation of domestic abuse, while the other quotes came from times of greater societal conflict and upheaval. “How is your mother?” (Relative, 1944), and “It is good to hear your voice.”(Friend, 2001)

Image courtesy of Laura Baring-Gould