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Artist Laura Baring-Gould’s model of her proposed artwork for Edward Everett Square, 2004

Laura Baring-Gould, chosen among the project’s four finalists, proposed an artwork that featured a large bronze sculpture of the Dorchester Clapp Pear—first cultivated in the 1860’s in William Clapp’s Orchards not far from Edward Everett Square. The original pear—a cross pollination between the sturdy Bartlett and small sweet Flemish Beauty—was known for its tough and hardy skin, but its sweet and juicy interior. Baring-Gould, an art instructor at UMass Boston, thought this was a perfect metaphor for the people of Dorchester.

Baring-Gould also advocated for plantings and greenery to enliven the square.

Image courtesy of Laura Baring-Gould