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Restoration of text around the base of the Clapp Pear, Summer 2012

In 2012, the text in the granite ring circling the pear was repainted by Laura Baring-Gould, and Jeff and Nina Buccacio. Five quotes circle the base of the pear, including the following: “The Circle of Life – Mother Earth and the People” (Massachuset-Ponkapoag Tribal Council, 2007), “We played in the street because our mothers grew fruits and vegetables in the yard.” (Dorchester resident, 1958) and “The trees are vigorous in growth and take 15 years to reach full production.” (Clapp Pear grower, 1887). The quotes describe the history of stewardship in Dorchester, and serve as a metaphor for the people of this community.

Image courtesy of Laura Baring-Gould